JCI awards

The JCI allow PhD students and post-docs of the campus to present their work as talk or poster. This is often their first opportunity to present the results of their recent work in front of an audience of scientists working in different domains.

Four prizes are awarded to the young participants, two for the best oral presentations and two for the best posters. The recipients will be given 600 €-value travel grants for the two best presentations, and 200 €-value travel grants for the two best posters. These prizes are intended to fund a participation in a scientific meeting or a visit to a lab as part of a research postdoctoral fellowship. 


At the end of the JCI, the scientific committee meets to select the best two talks and the two top posters given rise to the prizes.

Recipients of these awards will learn how to use their travel grant by contacting one member of the organization committee.


2012 Awards
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FRC Award
Prix JCI
Anne-Marie RAY
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